#paymentservices CHANGES IN THE PAYMENT SERVICES ACT FROM SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 Changes for small payment institutions will apply to both entities currently applying for registration and those already holding this status. Read more
#PAYMENTSERVICES PSD3 - a new approach to payment services in the European Union On June 28th 2023 The European Commission has published a package of changes to the rules governing the payment services sector, consisting of the revision of the Payment Services Directive and the implementation of PSD3, as well as the adoption of a new Payment Services Regulation (PSR). These pieces of legislation are intended to enable the development of the financial sector in the digital era, to strengthen consumer protection and to respond to the diagnosed problems that arose during PSD2. What changes are expected to take place? Read more
#RODO Data Processor - a quick reference guide Entrusting the processing of personal data, processor assessment, risk of potential breaches and incident prevention - what should a data controller focus on when selecting and working with a processor? Read more
#CRYPTOCURRENCY The crypto industry in the light of the proposed amendments to the EBA guidelines The purpose of conducting the so-called risk assessment of an obliged institution, as defined in the AML and Terrorist Financing Law (AML Law), is for obliged institutions to understand how high the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing they are exposed to. With a properly conducted risk assessment, obliged institutions have a real chance to effectively prevent the diagnosed risks. This is particularly relevant for obliged institutions working with entities providing services from the cryptocurrency industry. Read more



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