Landtech financial institutions


The Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services to dynamically developing financial institutions from the lendtech industry, providing consumer credit services on the Polish and foreign markets. 

For many years, we have been advising financial institutions in all aspects of their business, building trust of a wide range of clients. 

We have experience in advising on creating credit products, both short-term loan agreements, instalment loan agreements and tied loan agreements. 

We draw up draft consumer loan agreements with care for their compliance with the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act, current decisions of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection and the case law of common courts. 

We follow the judicial decisions of   common courts and the CJEU, decisions and positions of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection and the Financial Ombudsman, and we issue recommendations to our clients regarding the application of the guidelines resulting from these acts. 

We advise on the selection of optimal solutions in shaping our clients' credit products. 

We provide ongoing consultancy in the field of personal data protection for financial institutions and provide the services of data protection officer (DPO)

We provide ongoing legal advice in the field of loan institutions. There are no secrets for us about the issue of maximum non-interest loan costs, early repayment, tied loan agreement, marketing of credit products, assessment of creditworthiness (including automatic decision-making mechanisms), or relations of loan institutions with business information bureaus and the Credit Information Bureau. 

We provide opinions and negotiate agreements between loan institutions and their business partners, such as business information bureaus, service providers supporting credit assessment and financial brokers. 

We advise on obtaining financing through the issue of corporate bonds. 

We advise on the introduction of innovative solutions - such as behavioural data analysis in the assessment of creditworthiness, behavioural targeting, identity verification using behavioural data (in particular image). We prepare regulatory documentation specified in the provisions of the Act on counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing (internal procedures of the obligated institution, procedure of reporting violations) 

We conduct training in the field of personal data protection tailored to the requirements of the management of loan institutions, customer service departments, verification and recovery. 

We conduct training in the field of counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing for employees of obligated institutions 

We advise on creating internal procedures for loan institutions in the field of customer verification, service, debt collection and complaint processes 

We represent loan institutions in relations with administrative bodies - the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection, the Personal Data Protection Office, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Financial Ombudsman.



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